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Back Orders Policy

If a product will be placed on back order due to the fact that we are out of stock, or the item is a new and popular item with limited quantities at the manufacturer level, we will notify you after the order has been placed. To check availability before placing an order please contact us.

If you placed and paid for an order online on our website and we contact you and inform you of a back order product, and you are not satisfied with the estimated delivery time given to us by the supplier, will refund you in full promptly. NO RISK SHOPPING.

Our suppliers give us an estimated delivery time only. Backorder dates are based on the individual manufacturer's estimated delivery date to us and are subject to change without notice. is diligent regarding back ordered products and we ship backordered items as soon as possible after receiving them. That being said there are some circumstances that can delay items. You can be assured that we are working hard to ship your order upon receipt of the merchandise.

If an item is on back order & remains on back order past 17 days, we will contact you to confirm whether you want the item to remain on back order. This usually only happens when
the item is a new product on the market and supply is limited. In such cases it may be best to
leave your item on backorder to avoid further delays which can be caused by re-ordering later. To be fair to all customers, such items are sold on a first come first serve basis by date and is based on purchased sales.







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